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 Post subject: Social Care Informed for not giving consent ?
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I know it's very rude just to pop up when I need help, but I have a problem that I need some answers to, I will try and make this short.

In March 2010 I took my son, who is ASD, ( Autistic Spectrum Disorder ) out of school to home ed, because he was refusing to go to school, and was extremely depressed and violent if we tried to make him go, plus Education Welfare were trying to take us to court for not getting him to school, despite the fact he has a statement for full coverage whilst in school which wasn't being met.

I also have to point out that a year or so before this both our children had been the subject of Child Protection order for 18 months, on a very dubious count of neglect, apparently missing doctors appointments constitutes neglect, the whole episode almost tore the family apart.

OK, to my current problem, after I took my son out of school, I realised very quickly that home ed wasn't for him, he can't do education other than with a bonafide teacher, so since early May 2010 I have been after the LEA to get him back into school, but obviously the right special school that he was promised at his year 5 transition statement review, and not Mainstream.

Anyway, they completely ignored us until we went to see them in July 2011 this year, despite my sending numerous letters and emails, and even phoning.......they only started to take notice after I contacted my local MP who contacted them, and we visited them.

We met with them, and an Educational Psychologist came to visit and do an assessment which basically said that if he did not go back to the "Right" sort of education, he wouldn't go back at all probably.

Then they decided to have the SEN panel make a decision on what sort of education he should get, without telling us it was going to happen, and they decided Mainstream, so we went to the school that they had decided on, and the school told us they could not meet his needs, so we decided to ask for an Emergency Statement Review, as he hadn't had one since March 2010.

So in the meantime they have decided that they want to send a teacher for a couple of hours a week to start getting him ready for school again, which I told them that it wouldn't change our minds that he needed specialist education.

Anyway, they came to the house for a Meeting about it, they seemed very interested in what my son was doing, because he doesn't go out a lot, and the games he was playing on his Xbox, etc, etc, and not too much about what he wanted to study etc, very "social Worker Like" which left me uneasy.

I was asked to sign a form, Which, Stupidly I did without reading it properly, that I thought was consent for them to send a teacher, but I copied it, and it turns out to be "Permission to Involve Children's Services", which has some very dubious language on it, and I seem to remember signing one of these before all hell broke loose with the Child Protection thing, so on the advice of a special needs advice line, I called the LEA and told then that I was not happy to have signed the form and would they please take it as Not being signed, as it hadn't been dated, so shouldn't be difficult to just "Bin".

I told them I was more than happy for them to send a teacher, and for things to carry on as before, but I then got a phone call from their head of "Children Not In School", informing me that he had contacted Social Care as my denying my son an education was "Risk of Educational Exclusion", to which I told him that I was happy for his teacher to visit, but not happy to sign a form that gave up so many rights, to which he has now said that he cannot send his teacher until we have spoken to Social Care to sort it out,..........I feel a bit stupid for having had a Knee Jerk reaction to this form, but I just feel that we are being victimised again, and Why didn't they date the form there and then ?, or is this another LEA/ SS tactic ?

My sincerest Apologies for the tale of the old iron pot, but I'm only 8 weeks post Triple Bypass heart surgery, which my consultant has said that this whole situation has been a major factor in, and I'm just getting all those horrible, "We're being watched" feelings coming back.

Any advice would be a great help.


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