Green Party home education policy reform - our commentary

The Green Party will be debating home education at their 2014 Autumn conference in order to update and improve the party policy. Asperger Home Education has submitted a commentary prior to the conference highlighting problematic issues with the current Green Party policy and situation with home educators, along with proposals that should be implemented...

How technology changes the lifestyle of Year 6 children in ten years

An annual survey about media and activities of Y6 children carried out at a selection of primary schools with differing demographics in West Yorkshire have revealed some notable changes in lifestyle that have taken place from 2001 to 2011:

ConDem Government sneaking in Badman's proposals

In last year's article about each political party's policy on home education we stated that "the Conservative Party appears to support home education but the question is can they be trusted after the general election?". Now it looks like the the ConDem coalition Government is trying to sneak in a proposal by the discredited Graham Badman behind the backs of home educators...

Managers say young have become less employable

Young people are less employable than they were 10 years ago because of a lack of skills due to poor education, a survey suggests.

Sweden a Nazi?!

The Swedish Parliament voted OUT a Human Right to home educate on tuesday June 22, 2010. Read the analysis on how this took place at Rohus.

Ofsted trying to resurrect Badman's proposals

In our Victory for Home Educators article we concluded with "celebrate winning this battle, but continue to keep your eyes focused on the war". A new battle for home educators appears to have been initiated following the publication of a report on home education by Ofsted on the 17th June.

Victory for Home Educators!

Balls' and Badman's draconian legislation threatening the future of home education in England is now consigned to the dustbin of history.

General election 2010 - Party policies on home education

A summary of where various political parties stand on home education in order to help home educators make a judicious decision where to place their cross on the ballot slip.

SEN Home education training programme to start in March

Ed Balls will start his SEN Home Education training programme for local authority officers in March 2010 ahead of the CSF Bill being passed as law.

CSF Bill - Third reading

The CSF Bill went through both its Report Stage and Third Reading as the main business of the day in the House of Commons on the 23rd February.

Social Security Advisory Committee press notice

CONSULTATION: The Income Support and Employment and Support Allowance (Work-Focused Interviews, Work-Related Activity, etc.) (Lone Parents and Partners) Regulations 2010 - to enable the introduction of the Progression to Work pathfinders from 25 October 2010.

HE families in the US have an advantage over HE families in Europe

Not many people think of the US as being a tax haven but in certain respects it is. European and American HE families pay taxes on their educational supplies but American families pay much less.